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This year we were asked if we could provide Bikefood products to fuel the Welsh Youth Team at the Youth Inter Regional Road Championships. Here is the feedback we received from David Lewis, Welsh team manager for the Youth Inter Regional Road Championships.

“The Inter Regional Road Race in Perth was a three day stage race starting with a team time trial on the first day and road stages for the following two days. The race was for ‘youth A’ riders ie under 16 year old riders. The team consisted of 4 girls and 4 boys.

Nutrition would be key for the riders and this was the responsibility of riders to take their own race food. This was probably the first time that some of these riders had ridden a stage race and more importantly ridden a stage race with this quality of riders. The question I asked myself was ‘would youth riders know enough about nutrition to take the right nutrition to keep themselves fully fuelled?’

I decided that I would take this task on and see if I could get a product that the whole team could use. As a user of Bikefood myself I decided that I would approach them first. An enquiring email was sent and within 24 hours a response was waiting in my inbox. Brilliant.

Bikefood are onboard and 8 young riders now have the best race nutrition available. Within a few days two large boxes arrived at my house containing race bottles, large bottles for pre and post race and a generous amount of race food.

Of course nice bottles and race food are next to useless if riders don’t like it. No problem with a product as good as Bikefood. Two flavours of race food were provided – orange and berry. The team were pretty much split in to two camps ‘orange’ and ‘berry’, I’m in the orange camp!

This was the first time that some of the riders ‘took feed’ from designated feed zones whilst racing. Saturday’s stage for the girls was extremely warm and it was important and the girls took bottles as requested. The stage for the boys on Saturday was extremely wet and the boys concentrated on keeping upright. The boys stage was later abandoned because of the monsoon!

Sundays stage for the boys had been extended to 70km, a distance that the boys had never raced before. Out from the back of the van came the Welsh secret weapon ‘Bikefood Energy Sweets’! The boys were sceptical and their own stock of energy gels also went it to their jersey pockets.

Seventy kilometres later and a successful race the weary boys came back to the van. “Dave what are these sweets?” asked one rider . Another said “Dave these sweets – they’re rocket fuel, I didn’t need my gels”. “This berry drink that’s rocket fuel as well if you sip it 45 mins before the stage you’ll never blow”.

So a special thanks to Bikefood for supplying top class products that the riders benefited from enabling them to not only complete the stage race but actually compete wheel to wheel with the best youth riders in the UK.”

Many thanks to David Lewis for his words and photographs.