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The WXCRL Summer Road Race was a 105 kilometre race on the Holt circuit in Dorset. A total of 70 riders rolled away from the HQ onto the rolling course that had a tricky climb just before the finish line on each lap. The finish line would be passed seven times so that meant seven times up the climb which was expected to break up the race.

Mid way through the first lap, find after there had been several attacks, pilule it was Tavis Walker (Inverse Racing UK/Bikefood) that managed to get a gap of about 30 seconds which he managed to hold until the second lap where he slipped back into the bunch. On the next lap though, viagra he attacked again and managed to pull out another gap on the bunch.

Other riders tried to get across but a major crash in the peloton seemed to disrupt the rhythm of the bunch and gaps started to appear. A touch of wheels in the bunch brought down several riders and those caught behind seemed be held up slightly trying to get around the mêlée.

On the third lap, there were three groups with two riders off the front and they were beginning to open up a handy lead. Tavis was now joined by David Tilly (Onelife Development Squad) and these two riders started to open out a lead of about 1 minute 30 seconds on the chasing bunch which was now back up to full speed.

The two escapees were working hard together, even sharing a bottle at one point, and showing they were fully committed to trying to stay away. The chasing bunch however began to pull the two in and at one point, the gap was down to 30 seconds but on the very next lap, the gap went out to over two minutes because the bunch sat up and decided they couldn’t close the gap.

With two laps to go, the gap back to the bunch was over two minutes with Max Webber (VC St Raphael) 10 seconds ahead of the bunch and chasing alone but on the climb, even had to give best and slip back into the chasing group. As the leaders passed the finish line to take the bell, they had a three minute lead with the bunch now rolling along.

The finish sprint was never in doubt as David Tilly led out from Tavis who said that his legs had gone on the last climb which gave the victory to Tilly. James Cartridge ( Inverse Racing ) was third.