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Today we have an update from Simon Richardson MBE, rx Simon is in the process of recovering from his second hit and run whilst out training on his bike. Here are his words.

“As Most People know I was involved in a big cycling accident in August 2011, ed I will not go in to details of what happened but I will just update you.

At the beginning of March the CPS took the driver of the van to court he pleaded guilty to excess alcohol and leaving the scene and will be charged later for those but he did have his license taken off him. He then pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving so he is going in front of a jury on May 17th.

I am doing ok, viagra I still have breathing problems so I am seeing experts at the Princess Of Wales Hospital Bridgend for that, and my back is not very good but it has stabilized for now so the consultant has said for me to carry on as best as I can and we will see what everyday life does to it. I know in the future I will need an operation but we don’t know when.

The good thing is I went to the Newport track on the 5th of March and did my first ride in 7 months it went well, if not a bit shaky at first.

I have also become a Wales Air Ambulance Ambassador which is good.
I have been in talks with Team Midland Racing who Bikefood sponsor and is also one of my clubs as I ride or will be riding for Team Onix. We have decided to do a lot of charity rides for all regional Air Ambulances, Starting off with a 10h track session at Newport on 15th June it will run from 10pm to 8am, we are not sure on costs at this time but we would hope to do it for about £30 and then riders can do sponsorship on top of that.

We will also be holding an event at Manchester but at this time I am trying to sort it out. From there it is training session at Calshot. Followed with our big event which is the Calshot 24h. This works with teams of about 10 riders riding an hour at a time and the mileage is then recorded to give the total. We thought this year that each team could ride for their regional Air Ambulance.

To start off next year I am doing a ride around Wales which is about 780 miles in 7 days. It will be very hard going, we have done the easy bit (doing the maps of each day) now I have to do the logistics for it, which is the hard bit. The hardest part is where do people stay at the end of each day? I am going to start ringing hotels and maybe see if we can gets some motor homes as well.”

here is the route around wales:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

The Simon Strong Campaign Website is currently being built, in the meantime follow Simon, get up to date information and support his cause via Twitter here: