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Specialized Allez Stripped Kings RoadWe’re often amazed with the ingenuity of the light-fingered community, especially when it comes to bikes. Having stripped bikes many times in the past (legitimately) its often crossed our minds quite how a bike ends up being dismanteled on one of London’s busiest streets in full view of all manner of observers.

We’re not just talking about the odd quick release item, or high value component, frames can be seen stripped bare of their headsets and other components you’d be waiting days if not weeks to happen if you asked your local bike shop, everything removable has gone. They may even have the answer to the common problem of how to free the dreaded stuck seat post.

Specialized Allez Thief Negotiation Sign

So a sad but common sight, at least the owner of this Specialized Allez spotted on the Kings Road has retained something – their sense of humour is clearly still intact.