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1949 Humber ‘Beeston Clubman’

From the brochure: “A particularly handsome machine, embodying the requirements of the keen club and racing man. The Sturmey-Archer gears offered as alternative equipment are fitted with light alloy shells.”

– Reynolds 531 frame
– 4 speed Sturmey Archer FM model (lever incorrectly located, should be on the drop to enable lowest gear selection)
– alloy rims
– Brooks saddle

“Humber. The aristocrat of all bicycles.”

“I saw him in the distance, heading up the climb. Upping the pace I was transferring the gradual increase of power as effectively but smoothly as possible, ensuring I didn’t cause the rear cog to flex enough to disengage the ancient hub.

Without embarrassment or delay, the trusty Beeston sprung to life, rising to the bait, gaining on the oblivious victim with every pedal stroke. The creaking had gone, we were flying without so much as a grumble.

Rapidly we gained on the wheel of the target, as we passed the only things broken were beads of sweat, a wry smile over my shoulder and the spirit of the competition and his all carbon off roader having been stuffed by a museum piece. A gentlemanly blast from the past indeed.”