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Simon Richardson MBE now sponsored by Bikefood Cycling Nutrition

Simon Richardson MBE, double gold medal winning Paralympic cyclist has become the latest addition to the list of riders benefitting from using Bikefood products as he prepares for his London 2012 campaign.

Simon was part of the legendary GB track team in Beijing that brought home numerous gold medals, and in the process set new World Records within his category.

In 2001 Simon was hit by a car traveling at 60mph whilst out on his bike, leaving him with a shattered leg and his back broken in two places. A few year later he was advised to return to cycling as part of his rehabilitation, which he did riding a specially adapted bike as he has no control over his left leg.

At the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, Simon collected three Olympic medals including two golds, set two world records in the process and was then awarded an MBE by the queen for services to disabled sport.

Simon Richardson MBE warming up on rollers with Bikefood Cycling Nutrition

We are honored at Bikefood that Simon has been using our products as part of his personal training programme and then chosen to approach us for sponsorship in the form of product support. In just two years we have helped all manner of cyclists achieve their personal goals, its a great feeling knowing that a rider of Simon’s calibre sees Bikefood as being part of his own ambitions to be an Olympic medal winner at London 2012.

Simon has a number of quality sponsors including:

Simon Richardson MBE riding his custom painted Phian TT bike

Simon’s Phian Carbon TT bike with custom ‘Armoured Dragon’ artwork by PRA.

Phian Custom Armoured Dragon painted by PRA

Simon was good enough to outline some of his personal preparation for this years Dragon ride, and event that saw him put Bikefood products to the test…

Simon Richardson sponsored by Big Maggy's and Bikefood

“Thanks to bikefood i had a good 200k dragon ride on sunday. i used 4 large drinks bottles 5 bars 1 pack of sweets and i felt good on it.”

Simon Richardson’s preparation – Dragon Ride 2011

“This is the 3rd year that I have done the Dragon Ride and I think it is going to be the hardest so far…”

Simon Richardson MBE Dragon Ride Prep with Bikefood “This is why it’s going to be tough. Even the flat bit to Porthcawl will be hard going and seeing its almost 70k before you start climbing it will hurt a lot of people.”

“I have done a change in my training as I have been doing a lot of TT’s over the last few months so I have changed back to a week of long rides.

The week did start a bit strange as I did a 3up TT in training for the National Team Time Trial which is in July. So on the Sunday I was in Birmingham doing that, then it was a drive home to start training for the Dragon Ride.

Monday 16th May
was just a rolling 3h ride with some efforts up the drags. It was really wind here and made the ride harder than it should have been. During the ride I went through a 500ml bottle and a 750ml bottle of Bikefood. Once home I had a Bikefood Protein shake

Tuesday 17th May
I went on a 4h ride to do the loop of the Dragon Ride that goes up from Glyn Neath. It was not just windy it was wet as well really not a nice day on the bike. As this was a harder ride I used 2x 750ml bottles and to bars of Bikefood. Another Bikefood Protein shake

Wednesday 18th May
was just a steady ride of about 2h on flat roads or put it another way for Wales they are flat roads may not be for the rest of the country. Just one 750ml bottle of Bikefood this time

Thursday 19th May
was a long day in the saddle as I went on the local club run then two of us went up in to the mountains this ride worked out to be about 110miles. Part of the course was on the Dragon ride course. With this day being so long I started the ride with 2x 750ml bottles of Bikefood and also 3 bars but due to the length of the ride I also took 2 small bags of Bikefood with me to make up another bottle. After this ride it was a 500ml bottle and a Protein shake

Friday 20th May
another nice day of 2h just to recover from the week. Again just 1x 750ml bottle
Saturday is my rest day. So that is what I did nothing just sat and watched tv and drank Bikefood to help recovery.

Sunday 22nd May
had an early start rolled out of the house about 8am with Chris a Rider from Team UK Youth so I knew it was going to be a hard day. It was back to the mountains again which again took in some of the Dragon Ride course. Again 2x 750ml Bottles and 4 bars followed by a Protein shake as soon as I got home

That was the end of my long miles as I have 2 TT’s to do this week on the 28th and 29th and am off to Germany at the end of June to do a crit race so need to do some training for that. So this week is short sharp stuff.

Monday 23rd May
just took it really easy did 1h of high spinning on the rollers. So just 1 bottle

Tuesday 24th May
I am doing crit training I will not say much about it but it is sharp short stuff at high speed and it hurts the legs like hell, the worst bit is the 1h ride home after doing the session as you end up crawling up all the little drags. This took me to the limit of 2x 750ml bottles so when I got back it was again a 500ml bottle and a protein shake.

Wednesday 25th May
I did a 2h recovery ride and I crawled around the circuit just drinking my Bikefood and trying to get the legs to work.

Thursday 26th May
this was a rest day as I am just so tired

Friday 27th May
out for a steady 1h30min up a few drags and a few short sharp climbs to get my legs to work ready for the TT’s

Saturday 28th May
off to a 10mile TT. I have my own way of getting ready for this as most people do. I will start off by drinking a 750ml bottle of Bikefood in the car on the way to the race. Once I have sorted out everything at the HQ I then get on the rollers about 1h30min before I am due to start just to spin out my legs and just sip at a 500ml bottle of Bikefood. Then about 45min before I start I will warm up on the rollers and make sure I am drinking all the way up to about 5min before I start the race. Due to the shortness of the TT I will not have a bottle, but as soon as I get back to HQ I will drink a 750ml bottle plus a protein shake. Then its back on the rollers to sort the legs out.

Sunday 29th May
this is a 25mile TT. I will do the same as for the 10mile above

That is the 2 weeks before the Dragon Ride the 2 TT’s are not the best prep for the 200k Dragon but it is something that has to be done. So next week I will be getting all of my pre Dragon training done, but seeing I have some important races coming up I will be also training for them not the best prep for the Dragon but has to be done.”

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