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So two races down and the 2010 season is well under way. Up first – round 1 of the British XC series @ Sherwood, traditionally not a favourite of mine, I kind of enjoy the fast flowing trails here but always have shocking results!

This time round it wasn’t too bad 28th out of 50 starters isn’t going to set the world alight but it wasn’t a total disaster either. A mid pack start saw me caught up in the first lap bottlenecks (where I should have been more aggressive!) laps two and three saw my lap times settle down till half way through lap four my lack of winter miles caught up with me and I struggled round to complete lap 5. Still this can be improved and with the better weather the miles should come also.
Last weekend saw the 1st round of the Southern xc series at Wasing estate just outside Reading. The course had a similar feel to Crow Hill with lots of soft loamy singletrack winding its way through woodland, it also had plenty of bumps meaning a full sus was very welcome on the back! A field of 25 riders took to the start of the Expert field and I took my place at the back of the grid. An ok start saw me make up places which I continued todo throughout the first lap, after two laps I was sat in 12th and it was here I would stay. I managed to catch Mark Davies a couple of times only to make a mistake or get up with back markers where I would lose contact again. Midway through lap 4 I realised I was being caught by Stuart Harvey in 13th and I managed to get my head down till the finish and hold onto the place. Due to the technical nature of the course I suffered a bit with cramp during this race which just goes to show you can be using the best products but if you don’t use them properly they won’t work. Next time I will make more of an effort to note where I can take on fluid!

Overall I really enjoyed the course and after the weekends racing it should be nicely bedded in for round 2 of the national series.
See you at a race soon

Mark Field