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Simon Richardson rides with Team Midland at the National Team Time Trial, sovaldi here is his report:

“On July 3rd I joined up with Team Midland Bigmaggys PRA Bikefood to do the National Team Time Trial. We were there to have fun as we were not going to win unless all the fast teams had problems.

The course was about 36miles long with a big climb in it so gearing was not a problem but had to be right as I used a 42*21 to get up climb then was in a 54*11 on dual carriage way.

The 3 man team comprised of Olav, online Peachy and me. The main problem was our difference in speed so I knew I would end up doing a lot of the work on the front but that was ok with me. We started off going down hill to the climb over some very bad road surface (lost my bottle with in 2 miles but end up at HQ some how) and there was some very sharp bends as well.

Olav was lead out man followed by Peachy then Me. We did not push to hard to the climb as we knew that was going to be hard. We got to the hill ok then re noticed we had a big problem Peachy was struggling big time so once we got over the climb we just told him to sit on the back and don’t do any work. This worked ok at the start but any rise in the road Peachy was in trouble so had to slow on most rises. We got to the dual carriage way and I was on the front working hard doing about 35+ mph but he just could not hold the pace so again slowed it so Peachy was ok we then just rode to get Peachy back we were still going well, but the last 5 miles were hard at one place I was having to push Peachy up the drags while Olav worked hard on the front.

We then had a fast down hill past the HQ I knew Peachy’s partner was going to be watching so I gave him one hard push over the top so he was on the front on the down hill part. We then drove it hard to the finish to clock up a time of 1h31min for 36miles.

I found out later that Peachy had been ill for 2 weeks with stomach problems and should not have been racing. I feel guilty about shouting at him now as he was ill. The team worked well together and if we had all been race fit I think we could have taken 10 min off our time.

Next year will be better. The B Team of Graham and Gary were a rider down to start so just rode around and enjoyed the day. The main thing we have learnt from this is we need reserve riders.”

Simon Richardson

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