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Andy Durling Bikefood Audax 200km“me just after the first control (I was still smiling at the finish after another 170km) and although I wasn’t using my Bikefood bottles, there is Bikefood berry energy drink in the front and orange in the rear bottle cages of my bike.”

One of our customers, Andy Durling, has been using Bikefood to fuel his rides which recently included his first 200km Audax, the ‘Man of Kent’.

“Thanks for your advice and your excellent products. I am a convert to the energy bars (great flavours) and drink when I am out cycling, they helped me successfully complete my first 200km Audax on Sunday.”

Andy uses the full range including our raw natural protein, which is 100% hemp. Adding our hemp protein into the Bikefood energy drink delivers a unique recovery drink that is a real treat at the end of a long ride. Our protein is very versatile and for the dedicated can be used on its own simply mixed with water, its many benefits are also not limited to just post ride recovery.

“I have found it works well when mixed in with your energy drinks, especially the berry flavour. I’ll probably try a smoothie or with yogurt then as I reckon that having some at breakfast time should help curb the desire for biscuits etc throughout the morning.”

Hemp has a distinctive an unusual nutty flavour to it which is not to everyones tastes, similar to a well known brand of savoury toast spread – its a like it or hate it. This is resolved largely by mixing it into our Bikefood energy drink where the natural flavours dominate the hemp, making for a rich, textured and rewarding recovery shake.

The protein can also be mixed into regular foods, adding it to smoothies or porridge work just fine too. Although an acquired taste, it is one that grows on you over time – the dedicated amongst us are quite happy to drink hemp all day mixed just with water.

“Sunday dawned overcast but dry; I’d remembered to put my clock forward so there was no need to rush. I had my usual breakfast including a serving of Bikefood Raw Protein Powder to set me up for the day ahead.

Then it was off to Golden Green village hall to sign on for the start of the Man of Kent 200km Audax. Two bottles of Bikefood energy drink were loaded into the bottle cages, one berry and one orange flavour, and four Bikefood Raw Natural Energy Bars, one of each flavour were put in my jersey pocket. I was ready to go.

Ahead of me was 207km through the lovely Kent countryside, it was 8am so we all set off on the gentle section to ease us in before the first hill at just under 12km. Up Hunton Hill then along to the first control at 37km, quick cup of tea and piece of malt loaf then onwards to the next control in the lovely Kent village of Bridge. Regular sips of the energy drink along the way, alternating between the two flavours to provide some variety. After the control at Bridge it was on to the coastal town of Sandwich for the next checkpoint, more energy drink and a Bikefood fig flavour Raw Natural Energy Bar on the way.

After Sandwich it was off to New Romney for the fourth control, a lovely run along the coast road, the brazil flavour bar got munched this time. The clouds started to clear and it became a lovely afternoon for a ride along the Kent coast. After a pleasant stop at the café for a cup of tea and a bacon roll it was off on the penultimate leg to the last control in the village of Headcorn. I nibbled the mango bar along the way leaving the cacao one for the last leg.

Soon it was the last leg back to Golden Green and I was still feeling strong and making good progress. Arriving back at the village hall, after checking in at the finish control it was time to tuck into a baked potato and beans. “If you managed that ok you’ll have to try a 300km next time” I was told. Maybe.

Then it was the short drive home for a recovery drink using berry flavour Bikefood Energy Drink mixed with Bikefood Raw Protein Powder, a shower and a well earned rest. So that was my first 200km Audax completed, no problems with lack of energy and no upset stomach so I can thoroughly recommend Bikefood as great tasting products that are kind to your digestive system, well done.”

Thanks to Andy Durling for his words.
Photograph courtesy of Lise Taylor-Vebel.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of hemp protein, an article was published in Cycling Weekly around the same time launched our Bikefood protein, read the article here:

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Bikefood Raw Natural Protein is available to buy online here:
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