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Our latest sponsor, Lukasz Nowacki, is the cycle speedway World Champion. Lukasz is a UK based rider, originally from Poland – he gets a lot of respect from all over the world and is a well known character in the World of Speedway racing.

Cycle Speedway is one of the oldest forms of competitive cycling active by the 1920’s grown from the wreckage of post-war cities in Britain with racing being set in the debris of bombed out cities. London, with most bomb sites, led in organising races with more than 200 clubs in East London by 1950, with more than 20 being based in Walthamstow alone. Intercity matches began in 1946 as the sport spread across the country. The Birmingham league had 22 teams in its first season. Coventry, Leicester, Wolverhampton and Cradley Heath followed.

The peak for speedway was when ten thousand spectators watched the first international between England and Holland at the Empress Hall, Earls Court, London in 1950.

The sport declined as bomb sites were cleared and potential riders were drafted into the armed forces for National Service. Cycle speedway once more became a local enthusiasm and many clubs closed. Enthusiasts tried to revive the sport in 1958 and organised a tournament billed as a world championship, with riders from Holland, Sweden and Poland.

Lukasz was drawn to the sport through motorcycle speedway, “I love watching it and I suppose was always inspired by that. Desire to win is the biggest kick though. There isn’t a better feeling and no other drive in life. Would love to give the sport a lift, get it out there, spread the word.”

Competitors are defined by being explosive sprinters – but they also need stamina to enable them to keep going through a long match. Skill levels are high with slick starting, cornering and passing techniques essential while strength is also required during the frequent contact with other riders. It’s serious, competitive and demands specialist bike handling skills.

It may be niche in today’s cycling world but recognised as a crucial element of UK cycle sport, just looking at Lukasz’s sponsors – one name that will leap out to cyclists is his frame supplier Lynskey. Legendary pioneers of titanium cycle frames and the bike of choice for Lukasz. Along with Lynskey Performance he also enjoys sponsorship from Morvelo, Chicken Cycle Kit, Tarty Bikes, Viz Bikes, Charge Bikes, Rock Lobster Cycles, DT Swiss, Extra UK, Abbey Sports and Leisure Leicester, and now Bikefood too.

Lukasz has been using our products, in particular our all in one energy drink through his winter training, he’s looking forward to stamping his mark all over 2012, and we’re looking forward to having Lukasz represent us in the world of Speedway both in the UK and Internationally.

Notable results from the past 3 years racing:

2011 Polish Championships: Individual 2nd
2011 World Championships: Individual 1st
2011 Dash Trophies Grand Prix: 1st
2011 Norwich Grand Prix: 3rd

2010 Leicester CSC Senior Rider of the Year
2010 Premier League Match Race: Champion
2010 Polish Extra League: 1st
2010 Grand Prix of Great Britain: 1st
2010 European Championships: Individual 4th
2010 European Championships: Team 1st
2010 Midland Riders Championship: 2nd
2010 Ade Gale Laurels: 2nd
2010 Christine Ellis Memorial: 2nd
2010 Norwich Grand Prix: 2nd
2010 Dash Trophies Grand Prix: 1st

2009 Grand Prix of Great Britain 1st
2009 World Championships: Pairs 1st
2009 World Championships: Individual 3rd
2009 World Championships: Team 2nd

Follow Lukasz on his blog here

Many thanks to Lukasz and SpeedwayPro for imagery.