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Bikefood - Performance Nutrition for Cyclists

It’s always nice when we receive positive feedback from customers and sponsors. Bikefood (and in turn the Sports Food Company Ltd) is an independent and family owned business, so we find it especially encouraging when we read the emails that congratulate us on our fine products and the quality of our service. We do try!

A couple of letters arrived in the post in November that made us feel exceptionally warm and fuzzy. Both were thanking us for our contributions to charity events – firstly; the Carluccio’s Cycle Challenge, which (as big fans of the restaurant chain) was a great ego boost for us. Not only did we have our Bikefood brand rubbing shoulders with likes of Bianchi, Carluccio’s and Action Against Hunger, we had also helped the Carluccio’s team raise nearly £45,000 on their Glasgow to London ride.

The second letter to arrive was from The Metropolitan Police thanking us for our donation to the Fallen Heros Charity ride – in memory of Pc Fiona Bone and Pc Nicola Hughes following the horrific event that took place in September. We were honoured to even be asked, and we were more than happy to supply them with enough energy gel for cycling the 208 miles from London to Manchester.

Bikefood - Performance Nutrition for Cyclists

So there you have it. We’re glad to be here, and glad to help when and where we can. And we’re genuinely humbled by the efforts people make when raising money for charity. Keep it up, and keep in touch if you think we can help.