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We received this rather nice feedback from one of our regular customers and thought we would share his comments and photographs. For us at Bikefood it’s always a pleasure to hear how our products have helped fuel our customers love of cycling, and especially to see our bottles displayed with pride on such a fine bicycle. Nick rides a Serotta, which is also the frame builder of choice for GPM10, our Alps based partners.

Here is Nick’s summary of his River Erft Cycling tour

“A most excellent day in the saddle curtesy of Leslie Reissner. Lot’s of stops for photo’s, two for cafes several dozen to find the correct route and a ride of two paces… fast on the tarmac and slow on the gravel, dirt, sand and every other road surface you can think of. Very pleased with the fitness levels considering how little riding I’ve done over winter. protein and raw energy bars proved to be excellent – now my food of choice for all longer rides.”

And the original email he sent us:

“Hi BikeFood,
I’m just writing to say thank you for the excellent protein and energy bars… and the excellent European delivery (to Germany).

Both products are really superb and appear to fit my physiology perfectly – it has been a long journey to find an energy bar that didn’t result in the need for an all you can eat buffet at the end of a ride!

Your bars made for the most comfortable longish ride I think I’ve ever had: a 131 km epic along the Erft Radweg – many of the roads surfaces of which make Flanders & Roubaix look tame!

The morning started at 5.45 AM with a small bowl of oats and a some of your protein powder, A ¾ hour train journey to Cologne saw me nibble on a bar (the Fig is delicious…) meet my riding partner, down an Americano and catch the train to the Eifel. I could almost feel the energy coursing through my body on the journey out.

A 10 mile ride to the source of the Erft and a further nibble saw us well set for a speedy decent and a several hour ride to its confluence with the Rhein, in Neuss.
3 bars were eaten – along with a couple coffees and a pastry.

I had no hunger pangs, never felt remotely tired and didn’t need to fight the urge to consume the contents of Aldi, Lidl and Rewe after the ride. Another post-ride protein drink (mixed with fresh milk from a dairy farm) on the train home… well, ish, as I still had 12 km to ride from the station to the village took care of any post –ride fatigue.

There was also a noticeable reduction in muscle soreness the day after either – very unusual for me at this time of year (zero winter training done!)

Here’s the journey:

Your products are now the only food I carry on the road.
Thanks again and keep the great products flowing.

Nichiless Dey”