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Followers of our Facebook and Twitter feeds will know that we are fans of many things cycling and one of those things is British frame builders or brands that are maybe a little left field.

One such brand is Dialled Bikes which has gained a strong following as a truly dedicated brand, which makes uncompromising frames that don’t follow trends, but instead carves its own path. The eye of even the most scornful traditionalist won’t fail to notice the Reynolds tubing sticker that adorns all the Dialled Bikes frames, including their BMX race frames. These are hardcore race frames in none other than Reynolds 853.

But Dialled Bikes doesn’t just make traditional looking BMX race frames which buck the current trend of kookie looking aluminium or carbon designs, they also won the 2010 National No.1 Team and British Champ titles for BMX. When we asked Mike about the secret of Dialled Bikes success he said:

“Without wanting to blow our own trumpet, we are one of the most popular teams in the UK, mainly because we don’t take ourselves too seriously and although everyone on the team is highly competitive, we put more emphasis on riding for fun than going all out to win. Riders are selected for the team based on personality/fit with the rest of the team. The team has existed since 2005 and we evolved into double 2010 champs, rather than any grand design or master plan to create a championship winning team.

If I’m totally honest, we were just in the right place at the right time in 2010 to become champions. That’s not detracting from the riders in any way – they all rode awesome, but we didn’t really do anything different this year than we had done in other years, results just went came our way. The chances of retaining our team titles in 2011 are pretty slim because 3 of our top riders are actually racing up one or more age groups in order to give themselves more of a challenge and to progress their skills and development.”

So during the winter we started talking to Mike at Dialled Bikes about working together. With BMX racing now being a fully fledged Olympic sport, more and more riders are starting to take training and nutrition as seriously as their road and track cycling counterparts, so we knew there was a place in BMX for a product like Bikefood.

But finding a team which was open minded and independent enough to try a product which most people had never even heard of never mind tried, was always going to be a challenge. Luckily, Dialled Bikes was such a brand and we are very happy to announce that we are now the nutrition partners to the Dialled Bikes Factory Team, the 2010 National Series Team Champions and 2010 British Champs.

BMX and 4X (the mountain bike equivalent of BMX) are dominated by energy/lifestyle drinks, but hopefully we can convert some riders taking part in those sports to fuel their bodies with product with real performance and nutritional qualities, not just a cool image.

Here we have a team of riders who are doing this for the right reasons and having a blast but still take training and nutrition seriously. Along the way they’re getting the best results, but like the frames they ride – it’s without compromise. What’s equally refreshing is to see a team open to work with people such as ourselves from the other side of nutrition, the ‘Roadie’ world, something we think is pretty cool.

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