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Cervo Rosso is a luxury brand of cycling clothing that is born and bred in Switzerland, capturing the bygone era of European cycling and combining the beautiful heritage of the sport with the most technically advanced fabrics and styling available. The end result being performance cycling wear that is of exceptional quality.

Luxury and a nod to the traditional could suggest a lack of modern innovation, not the case with Cervo Rosso who source the finest technical fabrics available no matter where they are found in the world. Cervo Rosso were headline sponsors for RATA, the Race Across the Alps and had asked us if we would like to support the CEO Carlyle Ware with Bikefood energy drink and bars.

The Race Across the Alps is a serious, highly regarded event with the names of the mountains that border each other already written cycling history due to the Giro and the Tour de Suisse. Steeped in cycling history, the very same that inspired the Cervo Rosso brand, it could well be the perfect place for Cervo Rosso’s kit to be seen and put through its paces – Stilfserjoch, Gaviapass, Mortirolo, Ski Arena Aprica all speak of suffering, drama and the success stories from the Giro d´Italia – the mountainous passes Bernina, Albula, Flüela, Ofen and Umbrail represent Swiss cycling history at its best.

CLICK IMAGE to see a short video clip of Carlyle Ware, Cervo Rosso CEO, talking about his winter training for RATA, the Race Across The Alps.

The Cervo Rosso brand is born in Switzerland, although has a distinctly International flair and following, particularly in Belgium as their customer location map demonstrates the reach and interest in the products is global.

Additionally the product manufacture is placed in multiple locations worldwide including New Zealand, Italy and Great Britain. This is a deliberate choice to ensure we have the highest possible level of expertise and technical know how that’s specific to the functional requirement of each product. Its clear the CEO Carlyle Ware understands the importance of matching the material and construction and ultimately production skills to the garments needs.

And its not just a wide array of road performance wear the company produces, a big part of Cervo Rosso is the ‘CR Urban’ range, taking specific fabrics such as merino and creating sumptuous casual wear and accessories that offer high levels of functionality that discerning cyclists appreciate. Add to this the new LV Collection, a women’s specific line that with the involvement of Liz Hatch & Veronica Andreasson, and you can see that Carlyle and his team are taking women’s performance cycling wear to a new level.
From day one both former professional riders have been insistent that a hands on approach to development and design is essential to producing the highest quality product possible to female riders.

This is much more than just brand endorsement from well known riders though – during the alpine stages of the Tour de France, both girls were both spotted making final adjustments to the soon to be released collection that will mirror the much reviewed Cervo Rosso STRADA line that was launched back in December 2010.

Cervo Rosso’s kit has made itself known quickly here in the the UK too, with a UK based agent drumming up interest from specialist independent retailers and the British cycling press taking an interest in this new growing brand, Cervo Rosso have enjoyed reviews in the major magazines and blogs from influential online sources of all things that are special within cycling, such as Brian Palmers rather excellent Washing Machine Post, “it’s great, it’s cool, it’s stylish and it’s currently on offer – I dare you to think of a reason not to buy one.” says Brian in his review of the Cervo Rosso Merino Woolie.

To launch the arrival of Cervo Rosso to the UK, we jointly promoted a Cervo Rosso jersey giveaway via the Bikefood Facebook page. Each week for one month, visitors to our page had the opportunity to comment on the postings for the jersey, which is now available bundled with a Bikefood starter pack.

Cervo Rosso is a welcome addition to the options available when looking for higher end cycling specific kit. Having a wider choice, and more variations within the premium end of the market can only be a good thing, so we expect to see a lot more from Cervo Rosso on British roads in the future, not least as the guys have organised a group ride to coincide with the Tour of Britain.

Cervo Rosso International Test Team

Cervo Rosso have introduced their Test Team concept for the active road rider who wants to belong to the peloton without the pressures and commitment required of traditional teams.

As a member of the CR Test Team you will not only join regular local CR Group Rides, you will be invited to various International Test Team events including the Tour of Flanders (Belgium), Alpinebrevet (Switzerland) and open stages of the Tour de France (France) among others.

To join the CR test team all you need to do is purchase one of the the bundles on offer, the bundles are designed to provide you with a base collection of essential riding gear that Cervo Rosso ask to be worn during all local group rides and International events. The bundles offer you a saving of 15%.

As an integral member of the CR international Test Team, you will receive 25% off online store purchases for the next 12 months, and select members will be invited to assist with/in our new product development program.

Purchasing a bundle offer also ensures that you will be recognised as an elite team of performance road riders in some of the most stylish and functional performance cycling apparel available.

With the number of Cervo Rosso Gran Fondo riders rapidly increasing and numerous requests to expand the number of CR Group Rides, the Cervo Rosso International Test Team is all about building local communities and providing more opportunities for organised events that bring all riders together.

Find out more about joining the test team by clicking here:

Check out the Cervo Rosso range of cycling apparel here:

And the RATA official website here”,lang__en.html