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Louise McCall Inverse / CyClaim RTsome feedback from Inverse Racing’s Louise McCall. We might like to add that Lou was a Bikefood customer prior to joining Bikefood fuelled Inverse / CyClaim RT, and this feedback is very much her own!

“In the world of cycling and racing sponsors obviously play a huge part in providing financial, kit and nutrition support for teams and riders. This is obviously apparent in the world of Pro cycling and also plays a big part in domestic teams too, as I am currently finding out. Often sponsors are rather meaningless names on team jerseys, goods or services that you may never actually hear of in normal life and they often don’t relate to cycling.

When I came across Inverse one of the first things I noticed was their sponsor Bikefood and was one of the reasons I decided to jump on board with the team.
For the last couple of years I have been having real issues with my stomach, particularly when on the bike. Many people say you don’t need “specialist” nutrition to ride but I had to try that last summer as I simply couldn’t stomach any sports nutrition at all. Over the months I spent a fortune but each ride with each new product I would end up with the dreaded acid reflux and feel rotten on the bike and even worse when I got home I couldn’t eat anything, meaning I felt really tired and could never recover properly or refuel. Not being able to carb load with pasta was and still is an issue too.

I tried using normal food on the bike, with either just water or cordial but suffered horrible bonks regularly and started thinking I should probably just quit riding at least until I got my stomach problems sorted. Nearly a year later though and finally I have found something that works, well for me anyway. I know this seems like a shameless plug, but this isn’t an imposed plug, this is because I really believe in this company and their products. They are doing great things developing nutrition that is dairy and gluten free, and isn’t completely packed with artificial stuff. This may not be to everyone’s taste as the products don’t have that sweetness that a lot of others do, but when you weigh that up against what it is free from, it is something that really doesn’t matter.

As I have been riding much more recently nutrition has become far more important to me (please just don’t mention the c**e word as I am off it currently) and Bikefood is playing a huge part in this and in my development as a rider.
I used to dread going out and ending up with a churning stomach and horrible acid, but now I can use their products without this worry. I am currently using the Mixed Berry Energy Drink, which at first I wasn’t so sure of taste wise after trying so many that tasted hugely sweet and sugary. I got used to this now and find it really refreshing and easy on the mouth, especially when out riding. Before I head out I have 350ml with 2 scoops and stop drinking 20 mins before riding. While out I take one of their new funky 750ml bottles and a smaller weaker mix, which does me fine as I am working on drinking more before heading out. When I get home I use their Hemp Protein mixed again with the recovery dose of energy drink and bobs your uncle, no nasty stomach!

The bars are also ace, my favourite being Cacoa. Compared to other brands they may seem a little small, but as someone who can’t eat large bars when riding they are ideal. Perhaps most importantly they are really easy to open and get into, which is really important when trying to eat on the move, the foil rips really easily and the bars themselves are really easy to eat. With some bars you seem to be chewing them for ages and they are so sticky you could probably store them wraperless on the frame but not with these. I tend to take a couple out with me which will do me a 3 hour ride easily.

The most important thing is that all of the products just feel as easy to digest as “normal” food, they don’t feel too heavy and they aren’t packed full of sweeteners.
I know I am not allergic to gluten/dairy/wheat but I love the naturalness of them and they don’t aggravate my stomach which has been an absolutely brilliant discovery.

I’m not into blogging for free products, I genuinely feel these guys are doing a brilliant job and are getting their names on more and more high profile team jerseys. I am really proud to be associated with them and it really does feel great having sponsor’s names on your kit when you really and truly believe in their product and that’s why I keep shouting about how brilliant they are.”

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