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We’ve been thinking about implementing a Bikefood Customer Club since day one, which is soon to be 3 years ago – so after asking our customers what they wanted and how they liked the things we’ve been doing, we’ve decided to finally put this plan into action.

And so, we are proud to announce the arrival of the Bikefood Customer Club – or if you prefer.

We don’t want to take you away for a club barbeque, social ride, or present you with an unfamiliar kit – no, the Bikefood club is different. This is a club for customers that really like our products. Simple as that.

In return for your support, of which we have had plenty and are most grateful, we’d like to offer you a respectable discount for a full year on all that we do, along with some special treats along the way.

And what does it cost?


Membership is being offered to any Bikefood customer, old or new that spends £100 or more in a single transaction via our Bikefood Online Shop before the 1st December 2011.

Once you become a member of the Bikefood Customer Club you will be entitled to a full 20% discount on all of our products, along with FREE postage on all orders, plus access to new products we’re developing – for which your constructive feedback will be actively encouraged and appreciated.

Becoming a member is simple, you place a single order with a value of £100 or more before December 1st 2011.

Bikefood Customer Club Membership will run until 31st December 2012, and we expect to have the Customer Club site ready for business on 30th September (this Friday) – so potentially we’re talking about a full 15 months of discount opportunities. Not bad at all.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

The members club for Bikefood Customers.

There are three main benefits to being a member of our Customer Club
1. You can purchase the full range of Bikefood products at 20% discount
2. Free shipping to all UK addresses
3. Be the first to be offered new products as they are released, for review and evaluation.

Becoming a member is simple, you place a single order with a total order value of £100 or more before December 1st 2011.

You will be sent a unique username and password to access the club area.
Membership runs until 31st December 2012. Terms and Conditions
1. The Bikefood Customer Club is an exclusive privilege for customers who have purchased £100 or more in a single transaction
2. Your account will be activated shortly after your qualifying order has been placed
3. The products purchased are solely for personal use and are not for resale
4. Customer Club membership is available for UK customers only
5. Return shipping on products is non refundable
6. Products available are offered while stock is available, new products may be added, prices adjusted or deleted at any time
7. We reserve the right to offer access to indviduals at our discretion
8. We reserve the right to terminate accounts if we feel they are being abused or have been compromised by third parties
8. New product samples will be offered as they become available, along with exclusive products or additional beneficial discounts
10. This is a non-transferable benefit. You may not offer other person’s access or benefit of your Bikefood Customer Club Membership