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Here are some photos of a Colnago Super we recently refinished. This is a replica or ‘a tribute’ if you like of the factory replica Merckx Molteni Super framesets that Colnago produced in the 70’s.

The ‘Molteni’ orange appears in a number of incarnations with Colnago frames and with various decal sets. Its a fantastic colour and instantly recognisable.

This frame set is from all the detailing and features we can spot, a 1977 Colnago Super. Supers are easily found, but quite difficult to pin down exact production years as there are a lot of variations and many of the ‘standard’ features that help with dating were also offered as factory extras in previous years. If you are interested in identifying the production year for your super have a look at this timeline.

We could bore you with the details, but we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Purists will not be happy…

That there is powdercoat (we’re not apologising for this, the frame had already been refinished once, poorly too), powdercoat gives a very hardwearing an uniform finish when done properly, and in this case its been handled and applied by the very best in the business.

Along with repro decals that are not just very pretty to look at but very accurate and totally weather and UV proof, what we have here is an immaculatly finished 35 year old Colnago frameset, that has a new lease of life and is now ready to be ridden hard and used daily, not hung on the wall. A super Colnago indeed we think.

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