This is Bikefood®

Update: 6 November 2015

Both flavours of Bikefood® Performance Drink are available and are ‘Best Before April 2016’, available to purchase today at the reduced RRP for 2016 –  Click here to order >

Bikefood® - For a day in the saddle900x500-big-jared-pace Bikefood® - Ahead of the pack 900x500-big-inverse900x400-squadra-cello Bikefood® - Fuel for your ride900x500-big-cycles-cote-dzur Bikefood® - Race for the win900x500-big-dialled900x300-getting-you-there900x500-big-bikefood-carluccios

Bikefood® is a complete performance drink designed for cycling.
The wider range includes gels and bars, all of which are made in Great Britain.


Bikefood were PARTNERS TO GPM10, THE ALPS BASED TRAINING SPECIALISTS 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012. What better place to prove our Bikefood products than extensive use through the legendary rides of the Alps, with some of most demanding specialist cycle guides and their discerning clients?

“the new gel from Bikefood is one of the best gels I have tried.”
Simon Richardson MBE, Double Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Olympic Silver Medal Winner
Beijing Olympic games.

“I think this is simply the most effective cycling nutrition that money can buy. 
It certainly helps during 70+ mile rides and aids recovery afterwards”
Bikefood Customer, Energy Drink Mix Review, 23rd June 2011.

“A great tasting, well tolerated all round excellent drink with all the right balance of energy minerals etc. Orange tastes good, Berry is even better!”
Bikefood Customer, Energy Drink Mix Review, 22nd December 2010.

For the 4th consecutive year (2012) Bikefood were partners to GPM10, the Alps based training specialists.

“always a danger of looking upon yet another gel on the market as one more too many; Bikefood have sidestepped that, providing a genuinely welcome addition both in flavour and method of delivery”
Brian Palmer,

“Bikefood products are perfect for our needs and the sports nutrition partner of choice for GPM10 for the fourth consecutive year”
Mark Neep, Director (2012)

“Does it work? Felt great later in the day after some hard and long early morning rides so no complaints”
Bikefood Raw Protein Powder Customer review, 3rd June 2011.

Our original mission was simple – to create the ultimate dedicated cycling nutrition range, one that continually defies convention and offers riders a genuine difference and real benefits over the mainstream.

This is just the beginning, come join us for the ride…